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I think an upshot of a few comments D and I have made recently suggest a confluence of streams that I find interesting. I am coming to believe that we create narratives in our life - we tell ourselves a story by which we make sense of and try to integrate all the disparate pieces of our lives. And I further think that it is likely all of these narratives are in some sense Fiction. And I wonder given that many of you write Fiction, what you may think of this.

It seems we are characters of our own making, to some extent at least. Sometimes our story is of pain, sometimes of vindication, sometimes of boredom, sometimes of understanding. And yet what seems like this moment's truth, once we turn the page and continue writing (or reading) we look back and see that truth in a completely different way.

And I wonder how much our stories free us and how much they trap us. I think D has suggested that if we are truly present now, and we let things be without constructing a narrative of where we've been and where we are going, perhaps we can find freedom, true freedom - sort of like a character who steps out of the book.

And it is interesting that books and movies wrestle with just such questions from time to time, breaking the rules - like Woody Allen in Annie Hall turning to address the camera he isn't supposed to know is there. And I wonder what the analogy would be for us characters caught in our own and other's stories about us.

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