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From Cindy:

"I think it's a serious vote of confidence that your previous publisher is planning on pushing your back list. A) They still think highly of the books they've published and B) they must think ABSENT FRIENDS is going to do well, and raise serious interest in you."

Well, thanks, but I think it's really a vote of confidence in Bantam's ability to promote. My previous publisher had a chance to make an offer on ABSENT FRIENDS and turned it down, so they didn't, at that point, think THEY could make it do well. What they're hoping is that Bantam really does do a promotional push. If my profile is raised, readers who're finding me for the first time through AF may want to see what else I've done. And booksellers like the critical-mass concept -- the new hardcover and all the previous paperbacks together. It's coattailing, but it's not a bad thing, because the marketing they do will help raise my profile to booksellers, too. (Sales rep: "Good idea to stock up on SJ Rozan's backlist now." Bookseller: "Never heard of her." Sales rep: "You're kidding. Her new book from Bantam's going to be big!") Bantam knows they're making a backlist push and is happy about it.

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