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Ok, so that's another birthday sidestepped with ungraceful ease.

Actually, I'm ok with my birthday, with my age, with my situation, as it is all of my making. If I want change, I can find change. If I don't, I can't complain. And I generally don't, as time spent complaining could be time spent changing, and which is the better idea, right? But yeah, another year passed in a day, which is always a little strange, and mocks the whole idea of time just a little.

Still reading the Lehane book, although I don't think I've picked it up since I last posted. This is less to do with that book and more to do with others, as I've been reading another book by Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Jose, being "The Fifth Agreement", and now another by Miguel called "The Voice of Knowledge". I'm also occasionally dipping in to a book by Jonathan Ross, which was a birthday present.

New shirts arrived this morning, ones I think I'm going to wear for work, although they could be out-n-about types. We shall see. I have some other retail therapy items due any day, too, being other shirts, shoes, trousers. Standard fair. But not things I've bought a lot of these last few years, partly, I think, with half an eye on the idea of losing some weight, so large clothes would be a waste of money; but this doesn't appear to be happening in the short term, and I don't need to feel uncomfortable.

Why don't I meditate more? It's always in my mind, and I often repeat a mantra during the day in key moments, but rarely seem to commit to the meditation moment. And yet I have such lovely beads...

3words is done again, and still feels like an interesting idea, if not such a great story this month. Maybe I should finally rewrite one of them? Heh. I want to spend some time on my next novel notes, though, so will have a crack at that for an hour or so, and again later. As close as I keep thinking I get to feeling how it should "be", something keeps drifting and pulling me somewhere else, somewhere different, and as yet I can't quite decide... And so haven't quite begun. But it IS coming. Honest.

Day 2 of 16 on Monday in the new/trial job. That should be interesting, if a little stressful. So long as I can help the manager ease her troubles a little it will be work worth doing. And who knows about the future? In this or anything, of course.

Anyhoo, that's enough from me for now.

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