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tee hee...

As part of my public awareness campaign about the joys of knitting, I want to make the following item crystal clear: when you see someone knitting in a public place or a large gathering, it doesn't mean they are oblivious to you. In fact, they are probably able to focus just as well (if not better) on what you are saying. There's a woman who knits and crochets through the Saturday evening service at our church. I like it. Knitting is the most theological of the fiber arts, after all.

Now I would never knit in a session meeting. I need to be able to see as well as hear what is going on. I also need to reflect non-verbally that I am present. I'm not the moderator of the meeting, but the moderator does rely on me to help keep her on track. Same with other small meetings. No knitting. And a one-on-one conversation? No way (unless there is an understanding up front AND I am not being pastor).

But a day-long presbytery meeting? You betcha. And, ahem, a week-long training with about 400 people, consisting mainly of lectures that don't require the taking of notes? Damn straight.

Well, yesterday one of the presenters made a joking, yet snarky comment about people who knit while you're talking to them.

Oh please. Are you telling me you expect active-listening in a huge hotel ballroom? I put my project down when it's time for group discussion around tables. When there's a visual aid to be studied, I do it. Otherwise, get off my back.

It all felt very passive-aggressive to me, but it also seems that this woman just likes to poke at people (given other comments she has made from the podium). I turned the whole thing into a joke during a Q&A session, which is a big step for me, O Frequently Humorless One. Thing is, the presenter is a Presbyterian clergywoman, and I actually think she's doing an awesome job, but I also think she needs a little educatin' on the matter.

So, when my mother-in-law picked me up this afternoon for a little down-time, we headed to the local yarn store, where I picked up some Eros and a pair of size 15's and I'm going to knit this woman a nice scarf over the next two days. Kill 'em with kindness, that's what I say.

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