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this I believe

I always enjoy the series "This I Believe" when I catch it on NPR's Morning Edition. This week's installment was by a fashion designer who played with Barbie dolls as a child, and who now "realizes her belief in a doll was a belief in her own skills, creativity and ability to succeed." (Who'da thunk it?)

This week's Friday Five is simple. Name five things you believe--these don't have to be long statements--short sentences, both serious and frivolous.

Done without thinking too much

1. I believe in grace, but just for backup I try to behave as if it's all about the karma.

2. I believe that cookies and cream chocolate malts will cure the blues.

3. I believe that the lump on my daughter's gums will, will, will become a tooth, someday, someday, someday.

4. I believe that my kids are the most outstanding things I've done. And guess what? I didn't do it.

5. I believe in the power of Story, and I believe that my central call as a minister is to give my congregation a love for, and a desire to live into, that Story.

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