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random dots of thursday

Which is all I have time for...
  • The divine miss m seems about the same as yesterday, maybe a little worse. The coughing keeps her up and/or wakes her up, and one of the medicine's she's taking is a STIMULANT!!!!!!!!

  • Two nights ago (the first night after the diagnosis), little she-who-is threw up in her bed for reasons unknown. R slept through the whole thing.

  • This morning I took early shift with M--5:15. R said to wake him in 30 minutes. I actually waited until 6:30. When I went in there he said gruffly, "You forgot to turn off the monitor!" Which was true, but she hadn't made that much noise. Turns out he'd dreamed that I left the monitor on, *plus* I committed various other grievous sleep-disturbing acts.

    So I napped from 6:30 to 7:30, during which time *I* dreamed that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (whom we're going to see at Christmas) had recently begun collecting exotic insects, and brought their collection with them to visit. R decided to put the hissing cockroaches in my bed as a way to break me of my bug-phobia.

  • Are you seeing a sleep-deprivation theme here?

  • You make the call, internets: When miss m plays with the toy cell phone, then puts it somewhere in the vicinity of shoulder and ear and says, "Uh-wa?"--is that a word?

  • So we had two groups signed up to go to Iona next summer. I just heard today that one of the groups (which Iona had previously limit to 15, then came back to me and reduced it to 10) now needs to be whittled down to 5 somehow. How the bloody hell am I supposed to do that?

    It's the worship and music week, and while all of the people going have some connection to worship ministry, many of their spouses/traveling companions don't. So am I supposed to tell the spouses not to go? Or should I just do a lottery? Meanwhile I had 15 spots reserved for the other week, but I *just* turned in the deposit for 8, so I'm guessing those other slots have been released.

    Oh, and we also can't stay in the Abbey because it's full. Grrrrr...

  • I might add more, but that's enough for now.

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