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random dots of sunday

  • The divine miss m is much better. She's still waking at night for various reasons, but hasn't had fever all weekend. The snot river's dried up, minimal coughing. Breathing treatments are prescribed through Tuesday; then we'll see. We're hoping she'll be back at daycare tomorrow. She seems to be getting pretty sick of our house.

  • Meanwhile, she climbs from the end table to the couch, she climbs onto her Leapfrog table, she climbs onto the basement couch, she climbs the stairs, she climbs, she climbs.

  • She's also been talking more. Very distinct conversation-style babbling. And she and C actually play together! Oh the joy.

  • I had my annual review today. It went well. I feel like I just had one recently, since the last one was a year ago and I was on maternity leave for 25% of this year. Not much new to say. However, Senior Pastor and I are looking at revising my job description, and we ran some of that by the session this morning. I'm looking at dropping a couple of programmatic responsibilities in favor of preaching twice a month instead of once.

    I'm glad to drop some stuff that requires evening meetings, but I'm also a little nervous about preaching more often. I do feel it is one of my gifts, but I've enjoyed being the relief pitcher these many years. Gone will be the luxury of ruminating on the text for a few weeks. Gone will be the surprise and novelty for people who walk in Sunday morning and say, "Oh! RM's preaching today!"

  • Tonight the four of us went to Civil War Park to see their Christmas light display. We put the girls in their PJs, put some hot chocolate in a thermos and had a lovely time. Although little she-who-is was constant with the questions. "What's the toy soldier doing? Why? Why does the crocodile want to eat Captain Hook?" Etc. I'm pretty sure that of her 437 daily questions, about half of those came during the 2.5-mile light display.

  • Can I just say how grateful I am for Mamala? It sounds old-fashioned to say so, but she truly has a servant's heart. Before she arrived Friday afternoon (and Free to Be for a few hours before that), I felt like Aragorn at Helm's Deep, getting his butt kicked and waiting for Gandalf to ride in. Which is melodramatic to say, as M's illness truly hasn't been dire, but the sermon loomed, and we were really short on sleep. Anyway, she arrived and always blends in in the most welcome and unobtrusive way. Got the girls dinner while R and I actually went out to grab a bite together ourselves. She throws clothes in the laundry, fends for herself, and is just generally a lot of fun to be around. The girls adore her. Blessed be!

    We keep talking about the qualities of the ideal community for us, a place we might like to put down good roots, and a lot of those qualities seem pretty darn unimportant when compared to having a grandmother nearby who is such a treasure.

  • We did a bit of holiday cooking this weekend. R and I tag-teamed on our traditional pralines and poured them too soon, so the first sheet of parchment was nothing but puddles of caramel. On a whim, R scraped them up and threw them back in the pot, stirred a bit, then scooped them back onto the paper, and whammo! they were the most delicious, ugliest pralines you've ever seen. They were craggy and thick and creamy and awesome. So we're trying to figure out how to ruin another batch, while improving their appearance for the purpose of giving them as gifts.

    Then C and I made these ultra-easy lollipop things for her class, involving jumbo marshmallows on sticks, then dipped in candy melts and covered with colored sugar or sprinkles. They turned out cute, if I say so myself. And Lordy, they're so easy. That's about as crafty as I get.

  • And the divine miss m fusses. Gotta go.

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