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Spatial Relations
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I remember taking the SATs. I finished off the language part and the mathematics part, both of which I had expected. Then the proctor said there was a third part. A third one? I was taken by surprise. Each of the sections was sealed and there was a notation for each one that was left.

One of them said, "SPATIAL RELATIONS." I had no idea what spatial relations were. I wasn't even sure what spatial meant. So when the proctor said time to start, I broke open the seal eager to try something new.

I had never see that kind of puzzle or test before. The example at the top was identical to one of the 4 or 5 choices, but the corresponding one had been rotated or turned upside down or something. Like children's blocks glued together and rotated in space. Hence, spatial relationships.

I aced it. Later I learned that the test was expected to be given to boys only because they have the better brains for spatial organization and engineering. Oh.

Maybe I was so good at it because my life from birth (and during gestation) had been filled with music. Who knows?

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