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My Favorite Supervisor
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We're all overworked and underpaid, dealing with impossible deadlines and incredibly stupid guidelines.

So what else is new?

What is new is a supervisor to whom I am in the relationship of technical supervisor. I am not the direct line supervisor for this person; my job description says I exercise technical supervision.

What I get is abuse and manipulation. This person whines and complains and when I suggest there's a more efficient and straightforward way to do something runs to complain to everyone else how sarcastic and unsympathetic and unhelpful I am. And God forbid I should try to cut a telephone conversation down to 10 minutes!

Since my job requires good human relations and I am in a helping position, the outcome is that I am pressured to listen to endless ululation about how bad things are and I am subtly threatened to be ever more helpful or else I'll be reported by this compulsive notetaker. This person has more than once gone to upper management complaining about me. Why? Because of personal rejection (I am not interested) and perceived criticism of this person's work.

Well, folks, it's my JOB to analyze, evaluate and provide feedback. I do in fact have more ability and experience in these work areas. And I have no desire to be this person's friend.

It's a trickly line and a tickly situation. I really wish this person would lateral to another unit or find an outside job. But of course an outside employer would immediately see that this person is bipolar and would not be nearly so tolerant of it as we have to be.

Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. My five minutes of "oh, poor me" is up.

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