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Jasmine is Safe
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Jasmine is safe, no thanks to that man. He let her out the front door, somehow, while I was at work and he drove away not noticing. I came home and she was under the rose bush; she came to me, belly to the ground, tail clenched under her body--until she saw me, then wild tail wags and happy body language.

And I damn near ran over her, as she scooted under the car while I was trying to park.

She was exhausted, frightened and thirsty, but otherwise ok--physically. But this morning as I left for work I found her crouched behind the recliner chair and she came out only after I said, "Chew, Jasmine?" Chews (pig ears) are her favorite, and usually a sufficient bribe for anything. I've never seen her cower behind that chair before.

I was so angry at that man, I hung up on him when he called and I'm still barely speaking. If I had to choose between him and the dog...well, it wouldn't be a difficult choice.

Maybe I should take a page from Jasmine's book. She has no hard feelings and was happy to accept any and all tidbits from the dinner table. Should I be any less forgiving than my dog?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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