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America Quo Vadis?
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In June 2003, Condi Rice addressed the issue of the international balance of powers. She argued that it was essential for great powers to work together, not balance each other in a constant state of tension.

"The reality is that 'multi-polarity' was never a unifying idea, or a vision," Rice said. "It was a necessary evil that sustained the absence of war but it did not promote the triumph of peace. Multi-polarity is a theory of rivalry, of competing interests -- and at its worst -- competing values" -- which, she said, led to World War I, World War II and the Cold War.
(from the Washington Post)

Yet our country was founded on those very principles--balance of powers, the value of dissent. The idea was that as each interest was put forward, debated and voted on, the result would serve the greatest good of all the people. Jefferson, especially, looked toward dissent and countervailing opinions as the highest expression of democracy, and the best hedge against elitism and plutocracy.

But Dr. Rice--soon to be our Secretary of State and Bush's chief advisor on foreign policy--sees it otherwise. She says that the American values and American democracy are the best form of government and America must go its own way if necessary; multilateral action is not required and in fact is an outdated concept based on centuries-old nationalism.

She is an interesting study in herself. She voted for Jimmy Carter and pretty much sat on the fence till it was obvious where the real power was in American politics. Power is important to her, and she has it now. Power and American values. American values are good and shall prevail.

Ah, those who don't study and understand history are doomed to repeat it.

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