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Retirement Fever
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In the mail today I received the annual printout from my Retirement System, indicating how much money I would receive when/if I retire at 65. That money, plus my Social Security--I'm so excited--might, just might, be enough for me to leave the ratrace and retire. That is, if Bush & Company don't trash the economy in general and Social Security in particular, followed on by another Republican administration after Bush's just to complete the debacle.

I want to retire from the 8-to-5 grind and spend some time doing serious writing, and enjoying life not just living from weekend to weekend. There may not be many years left of my husband's health being good enough to do that.

Then, as his health deteriorates, I will probably spend the last years chaffeuring him to doctors, chaperoning him so he doesn't hurt himself, providing personal body service and nursing to him round the clock. His doctors have warned me that this is what I must anticipate.

I hope against hope that I'll have a few years inbetween to live my own life, between life as a wage slave and life as a spouse slave. Well, live my own life as a slave to my dog's whims, but that can be endured.

Woof. Excuse me, I have to go feed the dog now.

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