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In angrychineseblogger, the writer describes in hilarious detail the challenges of answering Nature's call in China, specifically with squat toilets.

His entry inspired me to write a bit of my own:

If you have to perform a common bodily function in India, first you have to inure yourself to the fact that everything you do is pubic--oops, I mean public.

Then you have to find the appropriate spot--contrary to popular opinion, one does not do one's business just anywhere. Best to keep looking around till you spot the appropriate place (by observing the activities of other people) and then politely not really looking. Privacy is mostly in the averted gaze.

For women, there is a certain amount of balance required--you have to remain standing up, leaning forward, holding your sari slightly away from the front of your body. I don't know about Indian women, but quite often I needed to "freshen up" afterwards (what a euphemism). The standing up skill just wasn't very good and I needed to wash.

The men squat to urinate, and my American friends told me that it was very inhibiting, after a lifetime of standing to perform that function. My Indian friends were horrified when I wanted to sit to pass water (as they called it), so I did it their way. I never really mastered it.

Just when you thought one way of doing things was THE way of doing things...another human being has another variation.

Much more than you ever wanted to know....

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