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120 Seconds of Self-Pity
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1. We're having a vicious windstorm here.
2. I have had a headache for 24 hours and nasty diarrhea (is there any other kind?).
3. My sister-in-law is going gaga and we have to spend the day with them and pretend we don't notice.
4. My daughter and her friend have been partying for two days straight and now they're driving in from Las Vegas on a wing and a prayer to spend the day with us and #3.
5. These jeans are still too tight (just).

Poor me. Oh, woe is I. There. Now I have that off my chest, I can turn to and take care of the business at hand. I had to tell somebody, and here is the best place of all. If I tell Norm, he will immediately become sicker than I and I'll have to take care of him, too. Or he'll start lecturing me about going to the doctor--as if *that* would do any good.

This afternoon we're going to my brother-in-law's for dinner and presents. Tomorrow will be blissfully quiet, I hope, the wind will have died down, and I have scheduled some salutary yard work for the morning.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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