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Reproduction / Life Style
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My take on this is that the insane pressure to conform to the nuclear family pattern whether it suited you or not is finally easing up and people are more able to choose the life pattern and relationship style that suits them best. There's no worry about needing to multiply and occupy the earth, since there is no shortage of volunteers to reproduce, so why not live a life that allows you to contribute, love and enjoy to the max? Some are suited to be parents and lovers, some are not. Earlier social patterns forced us to marry and reproduce whether we wanted to or not. Now, with the earth solidly populated, we can opt out of that pattern without having to become monks or martyrs.

The only caveat I can see is that there may be a form of natural (or unnatural) selection going on here. Do intelligent people have fewer children? Do risk takers and consumers have more? Are we selecting for some variables and breeding out others? What are we turning ourselves into? Breeders or not, each decision adds up to the decision of the species as a whole.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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