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Monday afternoon, and so far it's been pretty quiet around here. We really don't expect much action until next Monday, when everything starts up again. Never seen my desk so clean; never heard my phone so quiet. Those two things are blessings in themselves. Some of the people who hold the same position as I are in full operation all week; it just depends on the calendar(s) they provide service for.

After work I have to stop to buy dog food; otherwise, the ravening beast won't let me in the front door. Of course, a bribe with dry cat food would work. Hmmm...have to ponder that one.

I'm taking the opportunity to work on some of my long-term projects, those same ones that always seem to get pushed aside so that I can put out fires (metaphorically speaking) and answer the demands of concerned customers. I do my best work when I can set up a first draft and then (as my boss likes to say) let it marinate. When I have to work with the fires under my feet and the hot winds of management blowing on my neck, I do the research just fine, but the presentation is oft-times raggedy. The one I work on today will have all the bells and whistles (woo-hoo! I can hear the train a-comin'!)

I'm free-associating, as you may well have gathered. Time for lunch and then back to (real) work.

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