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Form vs. Substance
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A comment on yesterday's entry got me to thinking about form versus substance, the presentation vis a vis the personal integrity. Of course, all of us present a facade to the outside world. I believe that it is impossible for the average person to live in the world without a protective interface. It may be that saints and mystics have lived without artifice or conventional behavior; I wouldn't know.

Given that all of us exhibit, as a normal situation, a set of personality patterns to the outside world, the question then becomes "How close to the integrity of the person does the outer facade conform?" and "Does the personal facade enable interaction with the outside world, facilitating the delivery of communications, fulfillment of expectations and achievment of intentions?"

As for the young woman I discussed yesterday, I have known her for nearly 15 years. Yes, her personal behavior very much conforms to the image she projects; she did not get where she is on her brains and ability alone. Her projection to the outside world has served her well and I assume will continue to do so, in an industry dominated by men. My comment was personal; by upbringing and by personal preference I find her mannerisms, speech and appearance off-putting, even offensive. But I will have no effect on her future career nor would I want to.

There is a tempting racket to run which would be a litany of complaint and a fixed way of being. Knowing that, I can shrug it off. It is as it is, and she be as she be. Life goes on. My task will to be to assist her as my position in this organization requires and to treat her with the same respect as any other supervisor. Rackets, be gone!

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