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Seems to me that some things could be more automated than they are.

On the way to work I set my cruise control at 35 mph and I sort of steer. We have the technology to avoid obstacles, follow the yellow / white lines, slow down at a certain distance from the car in front, beep to warn the occupant when safety parameters have been impinged. I could spend that 45 minutes reading or napping instead of steering on a nearly empty highway.

At work, I access certain reports first thing in the morning, so that I can provide each supervisor with a hard copy. Surely there must be some kind of technological gadget that would allow me to say, "Print D1 report 10 copies" and it would happen. No, I have to print the D1 report ten times--or print it once and take it over to the copy machine to make 9 more copies. (Heaven forbid the secretary should do it; she's too busy.}

I remember as a child when computers were being invented to do more than calculating trajectories, the "paperless office" was the cry. Hah. Paper supplies are a big budget item.

Yes, I remember a world without computers, without television or ATMs or VCRs, without automatic transmissions. I like it better now.

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