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Raining Cats and Dogs
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Today's rain is a downpour, much like the monsoon rains I experienced while living in India. The rain comes down so hard it stings your face.

The cats and the dog will have none of it. They've been inside all day, legs crossed, waiting for the rain to abate so they can dash outside and use nature's sand box. I'm afraid it will be a long wait, my dears. It's been raining cats and dogs (metaphorically speaking) since about 2 a.m. and shows no signs of letting up.

I love it when it rains. There is nothing more soothing that the sound of rain and the snoring of the dog. And I have a couple of books begging to be read (one is halfway done, the other nearly finished). A hot cup of coffee and some music in the air, as well, were paradise enow.

I'll be glad when my boss comes back to this office--he's working offsite in another unit, and I'm in charge for the month of February. The kinds of personnel decisions I make do not correlate very well with the corporate culture where I work and I am not a good fit in this position.

I lead by example. I make meetings short and sweet. I find in the employee's favor, if it's at all possible, or I find an alternative which will meet everyone's requirements in the maximum way possible. I say please when making a request. I praise and explain and then say thank you when it's done properly--or to the person's best ability. I'm coach and cheerleader.

I'm really not suited for this organization. I believe in dealing with people as feeling, thinking, creative human beings, not as children to be punished and fired if uncooperative. I'm SO glad I wasn't promoted when I was up for promotion (I was #1 on the list!) because I wouldn't have lasted long. I don't brown nose at all well. And I choose my friends because I like them and value their company, not because they will enhance my reputation and my climb up the ladder of success.

This stint in my boss's shoes has really opened my eyes.

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