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Much Better
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My back is feeling much better, thank you very much. Sunday I decided that I was the next best thing to Wonder Woman and so I went ahead and moved heavy stuff by myself. My delicate husband manned (I use the term loosely) the computer in the meanwhile.

This is the stuff he removed from the top of the patio over a month ago and said, "It's raining, I can't work out in the back yard." Throughout six weeks of beautiful weather he diddled with the computer while the stuff sat out there and grew whiskers. The forecast was for rain next week, so Sunday was my last opportunity for a while to get the stuff sorted out and put away. Right now it's cloudy and looks like rain. An inch of rain per day for this next week is in the forecast.

The items turned out to be more stubborn than I expected, hanging up on every little projection and sometimes just for the hell of it on nothing at all. I managed to get them where I wanted them (get along li'l dogies) corralled nicely between the side of the house and the fence, but I am paying the price with pain and stiffness.

Yesterday was the day from hell. I had to go to work, because payroll closed yesterday, but the pain was incredible. Not able to gork out on Vicodin because I was at work. Finished payroll, staying in my chair and behind my desk sitting still, returning greetings to everyone who wished me a "Happy Valentime's Day." At least they could get it right, but no, the ignorance marches on in the smallest corners, the narrowest corridors, the darkest holes.

There is nothing like a pagan holiday, pumped up by candy and flower sellers, when you're trying to get some critical task off your desk and you don't give a fuck about any saint whatsoever. But you're the boss, you know they mean well, so you turn the other cheek. Now if I could only choose which cheek....

Anyhow, as I started to say before the rant descended, I am feeling well enough today to bend down to select a different pair of shoes from the closet; well enough to bend over to pet the cat. As soon as I get to work I'll take another dose of Aleve and all will be hemi-demi-semi normal again. Whatever the hell that is. Pain makes me cranky.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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