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1. My Journal Home page on JournalScape (i.e., here) I'm keeping a list of books I've read this year at the bottom of the page. I've never kept a list before and when I saw other writers of journals doing it, I thought it was a good idea. I'm always looking for another book to read (as if there were a paucity of books in this room or somehting) so suggestions are, as always, welcome.

2. Another reader just signed up. I don't know if this person wants anonymity, so I'll just say, "Welcome!" It always gives me a rush when I get another subscriber. Knowing you read my journal, as I read yours, makes my day brighter.

3. The cat who looks likes she's asleep is in reality in huntress mode. An hour ago she brought in a huge mouse, seemingly undamaged, and let it loose to run around my room and I guess I'm supposed to be grateful for the gift. Misty pretends to be uninterested, but she's gazing intently at the partially open closet door so my guess she's waiting for the mouse to reappear. Terrific. So now at best I'll have mouse turds in the closet and at worst mouse guts. Yuck.

[Later Note] There's not going to be enough room at the bottom of the page for all the books I read. I'll have to think of something else.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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