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The Mother of All Rainy Days
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I've added a new favorite blog to my list. It's the last one in the list ... because it's the last one. Love the logic here. One of these days I need to reorder them in alphabetical order (no, I'm not obsessive-compulsive, not I). Sure.

If I thought it was raining hard earlier in the week, it was, but today the rain is doing a fair imitation of a full-fledged monsoon. The sky is very low and dark and the rain is just hurling itself out of the sky and pelting the ground.

Jasmine, the dog of the house, finally *had* to go potty, so out she went, ears back, no sniffing around, just squat, go, run back to the house.

She loves to swim and play fetch; she also goes nuts for water coming out of the hose. But rain? Fahgeddaboutit.

I don't know how the cats are managing. I think I probably don't want to know. Misty has been tossed outside twice (and is never going to forgive me for it). I haven't seen Callie all morning. She probably saw what happened to Misty and has made herself scarce.

Last night we had a thunderstorm, unusual for southern California. The cell must have been right over my house, since there was only a scant second between the flash and the thunder. Poor Jasmine was terrified and crawled under the computer table, shivering and panting. Do you have any idea how hard it is to extricate 70lbs of dog from all the wires and cables without disconnecting or destroying anything? And without losing your temper?

In Connecticut, summer thunderstorms are very common. My beloved Swedish Lutheran great-grandmother used to sit me on her lap during thunderstorms and we'd watch the lightning and ooh and aah at the crash and boom of the thunder. She'd say we should stop our work during a storm and let the Lord do His work. I'm not sure about the religious part, but I do like to watch out the window or sit out on the patio during a storm.

Stay warm and dry. Somebody loves you. I smell coffee brewing...gotta go investigate.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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