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Three Pet Peeves
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1. People who forward mail to you (jokes, cute story, etc.) without cleaning it up, so you have to wade through upteen forwarding addresses and broken lines of text.

2. Those dumb e-mails that say you have to forward it within an hour of opening or you will have seven years' bad luck.

3. People who yawp on and on about something that needs no further discussion: "The door was left unlocked." Simple declarative sentence. But their anxiety level is so high, their little universe has been so shaken, that they have to go on and on about it. As if it were interesting or as if discussing it to death would change anything.

Actually, now that I'm ranting and raving, I've thought of a fourth peeve. Blogs that consist solely -- or nearly so --of hyperlinks to other blogs or to news stories or some such thing. Don't these people have any ideas of their own? Analysis? Comment? Exegesis? Hmmpfh.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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