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"The End of Reason"
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I've just read an interesting essay by David Morris, "The End of Reason."

Organized religion elevates superstition to an entirely new level, so let's call its institutions by their proper name: superstition-based institutions.

He makes an argument that parallels that of Sam Harris, The End of Faith:

In a rational world the burden of proof as to which is fable would fall on the Church. But there's the rub. For when it comes to organized religion, no burden of proof is required. On the contrary, by definition, religion requires faith and faith renounces evidence. Taking a proposition "on faith" means to consciously and willfully refuse to examine the facts.

This historical era, this early 21st century, is going to be called the Age of Superstition. What else do you call a belief which contravenes reason and scientific evidence? Irrational ignorance by choice. Superstition.

He suggests we stop calling them "faith-based organizations" and start calling them "superstition-based organizations." These superstition-based organizations may, by Presidential Executive Order, be funded by federal agencies and may require employees to meet religious requirements. [Have you ever said a "Hail Mary"? Do you own a rosary? How do you address your religious leader?]

But today organized religion has declared its intention to use its influence far beyond its congregation. The politicization of religion and the rise of a superstition-driven state may be the most important development in this country in many, many decades.

Tom DeLay...Supreme Court Justice Scalia...the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives...President Bush: all are cited in this essay.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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