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Radical Political Agenda
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Do not call it American conservatism. Do not talk about conservative leaders meeting in Washington. These are not conservatives; these are radicals most extreme.

They are not bashful about making public the list of those who have offended them; they have been clear about their political and social and economic agendas. Unlike the 20th century, the 21st century sees these plutotheocrats (thank you Mark Kleiman) putting their membership lists and their hit lists out in the open. They control three branches of government, mainstream media, powerful corporations--what fear need they have for the puny voters? Just tinker with the voting machines!

The leaders of this fanatic so-called majority met in Washington Friday and the agenda for destruction was chilling.

1. The independence of the judiciary -- if someone doesn't intimidate them by killing their families, then impeach them for their independent views. Especially if you have convicted them in absentia of heresy against the neocon dogma. You think I'm too extreme in my description? Not once, but twice a speaker quoted Josef Stalin: "[Death solves all problems:] no man, no problem," as a way of dealing with recalcitrant judges. My blood ran cold.

2. Restore Christianity as the state religion.

3. Move judicial powers to the legislature, thereby truncating the reach of the courts vis a vis religious displays, the Pledge of Allegiance, same-sex marriage and the Boy Scouts. "The Constitution is not what the Supreme Court says it is," asserted Phyllis Schlafly.

4. Medicare is a bad idea.

5. Social Security is a horrible idea.

6. Block judicial power by allowing Congress to vacate court decisions.

7. Impeach judges. Target: About 40 of them. The Supreme Court was referred to as a Politburo with a revolutionary agenda. No man, no problem. Stalin, of course, meant that such people were to be killed. The implication was clear, given recent threats and acts of violence against members of the judiciary. My view is that this borders on incitement to murder.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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