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Between 10 am and 2 pm today...WooHoo!
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Today I am getting a new computer. Fast, fast, fast, and a huge hard drive. Power!! I spent the morning clearing out the undergrowth around the CPU and the swamp under the keyboard. Gadzooks! I found stuff that has been AWOL for ages. Some of the paperwork ended up in a "to do" box, to be sorted out tomorrow. Or the next day.

Just think of the potential excuses:
Sorry, I don't have that software on my computer any more.
Golly, I can't access that data quite yet.
Gee whiz, you'll have to contact somebody else.
Oh, wow, that must be a program that the IT folks forgot to load.

Excuses should be good for a couple of months. Except for the people who know what a geek I am and that I couldn't rest easy until I was back online and well-pixeled again.

NOTE: NEW COMPUTER 20 lbs 10 oz ARRIVED TODAY. No internet connection yet. I'm currently in the computer lab, working on an old Pentium computer. I wonder if I can offer the IT techs a bribe....

Read/Post Comments (4)

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