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How does your garden grow?
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Why, thank you kindly for asking. My garden grows quite well, mes amis, in spite of the construction guys who use it as a place to toss trash after lunch, paint stirrers and used face masks. Jasmine, true to her doggy retriever nature, drags them out, makes sure no french fries have been overlooked and brings the remains to me. The wet paint on the stirrers got on her fur and help her look even more goofy than usual. It will have to be cut out of her coat where I couldn't wash and wipe it off.

The tomatoes are stretching luxuriantly in the sun, enjoying the 80+ Fahrenheit degree weather and the brilliant blue sky. The zucchinis, which started out as little sprouts, now have plate-sized leaves and yellow trumpet blossoms. The potatoes have filled the barrel with dark greenery (I have no idea what's with them and what to do, so they can just grow to their heart's content and I won't bother them). The beans were a failure: the snails munched up what the birds failed to steal. Next year I'll put them under wire mesh cages or something. Crows peck the beans out of the ground before they even have a chance to sprout.

A dove has made her nest in the crosspieces of my new patio cover/roof and she seems quite content, eyes and head peeking out over the top of the nest on one side, tail on the other. She doesn't leave the nest even when Jasmine the Clumsy comes outside so I guess she has eggs already. It's a good place for a nest because it's about as cat-proof a perch as you could ask for.

Spring is here for good.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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