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Saturday Saturne
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The hot weather has arrived. Much discussion at work and with friends about the weather--when it hits 100+ degrees (Fahrenheit), everyone's thoughts seem to turn to the question: How do we deal with the heat?

At this time of year the day's heat can be managed, because it gets cool at night. The bricks in the patio and the cement walls between the back yards cool down significantly after the sun sets. Therefore, I can plan activities with that in mind. Later on in the summer, there will be no escaping it, day or night.

I got up well before dawn, got my cup of coffee. You do realize, I hope, that Armageddon could befall us and I'd go for my first cuppa before settling in to watch the world end. The Horsemen? Nothing to them after I've caffeined up.

Anyway, as I was saying...I got up in the pre-dawn cool, washed up and went into the garden to water and weed. As soon as the sun rises and the garden is no longer in the shade of the wall, that part of my yard becomes an oven, since it is surrounded by brick work. Jasmine chased the water from the hose (her second-favorite thing after retrieving balls) and then settled down with a dog chew while I weeded and tended the tomatoes.

Found one very large zucchini lurking under one of those enormous leaves. The zucchini was about the size of a...well, a lady never mentions those things. Use your imagination.

And there are little marble-size green tomatoes on every plant. The sunshine and the unseasonable heat have acted to force their growth. Tomatoes usually productive in July and August are setting fruit in May. Gonna be a long, hot summer you bet. Eh-yah (that's Maine-iac talk for "yup").

After the garden, I came upstairs to write this journal entry and make the bed and organize the laundry. Upstairs will get about 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Already the air is still with that breathless dusty feel/smell it has when it's going to be a scorcher. And forget all that tripe about, "Well, anyway, it's a dry heat so it's not so bad." Hot is hot and I am always enervated by it.

Before I go to bed I'll probably break down and turn on the window air conditioner in the bedroom. I can deal with the heat during the day (showers and lawn sprinklers help), but at night I can't sleep if I'm hot. Using the A/C will send my utility bill through the roof, but the alternative isn't a viable one. Though I have considered sleeping out on the back lawn.

After the last big earthquake we slept in the back yard for a week and it was sort of fun. I wasn't really that nervous after the worst of the aftershocks had rattled our cage, but I liked sleeping in the tent, so we delayed folding it up and moving back indoors. The cats were confused, but the dog thought it was party time. Dogs always think anything involving the whole pack at once is great fun.

Time to back downstairs where it's cooler, dragging the laundry basket behind me. Misty is sitting here, next to me, waiting to help with the laundry. She particularly likes to help fold warm laundry in the basket.

Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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