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The First Day of Three
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The first day of a three-day weekend is always filled with cleaning, chores and organizing, in the hopes that the final day will see the basics done and things squared away enough that there's time for relaxing or sightseeing or staring off into space.

Today was no exception. The kitchen is clean, the clothes are washed and dried and folded. The dog had her bath today (and I got a second one for the day along with her). She has so much fun with the water coming out of the hose--she chases it and drinks it and jumps into the air following the gleaming arc. It's fun to watch her, even though I get as wet as she.

Tomorrow is errands day. Picking up materials for the construction project, groceries, dog food, getting a hair cut. Maybe even make it to the Farmers' Market. I've just been told we're picking up two air conditioning units for the other house. "WE", white man*? I don't think so. Three weeks ago I wrenched my back picking up a heavy planter and that's not a lesson I need to learn twice. I hope he's recruited help for the heavy lifting.

The neighbors next door have set up their speaker system around their pool. Their choices of music are unfamiliar to me, but I found myself listening and enjoying. Two of the zucchinis have achieved a 6-inch diameter; think I'll take them over to the neighbors as a gift and find out what that music was.

With any luck, Monday will be a nice relaxing day. Wish I could spend it out on the patio, but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride, as they say. The patio still smells like termite insecticide and is littered with drop cloths, paint rollers, paint pans and the like. Nevertheless, it will be a pleasant day, no matter where I am. Hope yours is, too.

P.S. The tomatoes are the size of golf balls.

*punch line to an old joke.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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