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Annual Performance Review
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It's nice to know your work is appreciated. Sure, you should do excellent work out of your own work ethic and self-respect, but it does feel good to know that someone "out there" sees and appreciates. Even better when the approval is mutual.

One aspect I found interesting in the annual review was the comments--I saw that the work qualities I value in myself are acknowledged by my supervisor. Among them: intelligence, thorough research, attention to detail, team cooperation and good attendance (reliability).

He didn't mention anything about my wit--I once wrote an evaluation of a project in sonnet form and another time as the words to a well-known song and a third occasion folded the paper up into a paper boat--but we laugh a lot together [and fuss at others' failings together] so I know he likes my oddball sense of humor (or tolerates it, at least).

Goes a long way towards ameliorating the negative effects of previous supervisors.

However, nothing is stable in this organization as several of my friends (and I) can attest. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Read/Post Comments (3)

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