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If Wishes were Horses
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If wishes were horses, then these folks could ride right out of Dodge. This list was summarized from my Junk Mail folder this morning:

    Mortgage refinance--cleverly misspelled to avoid Junk Email rules. This is their "last notice" (I wish) and my phone has been disconnected. Please call. Oh, sure!

    Cialis with dorky picture. Sometimes spelled C*I*A*L*I*S in the hopes that I've been too lazy to add the cute spelling to my Junk rules.

    Rx ads for pain meds and cures for erectile dysfunction. No comment necessary.

    Software at incredibly reduced prices. When I want to buy software I'll be in touch.

    Julie from Texas is over 18 and has her own website. I wish she'd go there and stay the heck away from mine. I'd like a dollar for every time someone has sent me that exact same email from "Julie"--too lazy even to edit it a bit. Easy to set the rule. Bye-bye, Julie.

    Christian dating. Be afraid; be very afraid.

    Rolexes and other brand name goods for sale at incredibly cheap prices. Cheep, cheep.

Repeatedly I get these. Every morning I go through my email junk box and click...click...click, they're gone. Only takes a few minutes. But I could really develop and run a racket about how annoying and time-consuming and distracting they are. I'll pass. Time to put my mind to more interesting things.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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