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Blog-City Bogs Down
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For years I kept my journal at Blog-City but came here because Blog-City kept going out of service. Crash, down it would go and it did so repeatedly.

Lately it seemed that Blog-City had stabilized although the community of people seemed to be largely teenagers in love and angst or older people with a religious axe to grind. The kind of person I kept running into didn't encourage me to return. There were a few exceptions: Luna, for example, and Chris Mann. But wading through all that emotional and illiterate trash was off-putting.

Now, Blog-City has changed the way comments are handled. Instead of HTML markup, they have something called Wiki markup. And they ask you if you want to post your comment (no, I wrote it for typing practice). And I have yet to find a way to link to a picture. Of course the Wiki markup is much easier and will appeal to the preteens whose greatest interest in life is getting their teddy bears and their nail polish colors coordinated. And anguishing over why the boys don't like them. And why their best friends didn't invite her to the party.

I think I'll stay here at JournalScape. A round of beer for everyone, bartender! Skoal!

Read/Post Comments (5)

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