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Cock and Bull Story
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I was recently (this very morning, acutally) enjoying a blog entry by dogsmustbecarried at blog-city, entitled "Cock and Bull Story" in which a soi-disant musical promoter named "Frank" invites you to send him a sound track of your stuff to include on his CD along with cash to help him defray expenses.

As there is a sucker born every minute (W.C. Fields or P.T. Barnum?) I suppose there have been takers. Dogsmustbecarried writes a really funny/sarcastic blog entry on Frank and his enterprise and the results of his (dogsmustbecarried's) googling on the subject.

My Irish Eyes friend has also discovered that there are plenty of people on the net perfectly willing to rip off your creative output without so much as an acknowledgement. Writer beware!

I was thinking I should introduce "Frank" to "Julie" who is 18 and lives in Texas and has her own webcam and loves to party. She has sent me dozens and dozens of emails over the last few months, each time from a different sender address. Maybe Frank and Julie could get it on, seeing as how they have so much in common.

And then Brian enters the picture. Brian's barrage of emails puts Julie's to shame. (C'mon, girl, get with it!) Brian also has a myriad of sender addresses and he magnanimously offers to lower my mortgage payment as he has assiduously researched my westhills property (note the mistakes) and found that I am suffering from high interest rate, which he can lower for me. No fees, no points, no escrow--just send him $100 in small bills. (I made that last bit up myself. Hope Brian isn't too exercised over it.)

Could be a jolly threesome--Frank, Julie and Brian. Maybe Brian can finance the group, Julie can entertain them, and Frank can publish ("publish"?) their creative output.

The thrill is back. See what happens when you don't blog for a few days?

Read/Post Comments (4)

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