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I read about the violent clashes between the protestors in London and the police every day. I also read that the G 8 summit has made progress in economic areas, particularly canceling the debt of poor nations and increasing aid to Africa.

I have two questions:

What are the protestors so vehemently and violently protesting? That wealth and privilege exist? That economically powerful countries don't commit suicide in an agony of guilt and self-immolation?

And secondly, what will violence accomplish? I suppose people feel better when they can scream and shout and throw things, thereby expressing a floating rage. What do they expect the violence to accomplish except to show the world that they are angry? (We got the message).

Maybe it's on a par with the parties the college kids have at Spring Break. Ah, it's summer and the G8 meeting. Time to break out the war paint and have ourselves an orgy of adrenaline and violence.

I've never understood (except in cases of self-defence from a clear and present danger) how violent acts would promote peace and economic growth.

As a veteran of many protest activity, civil rights marches and other activist efforts, I know that such activities need a clear goal and a defined set of actions to produce a specific result. Without those two elements, a protest march or a demonstration for rights descents into chaos and destructive acts. Hence my questions. What is the goal? What specific results are expected to result from the activities against the G 8? Is there a hidden agenda by another group we don't hear about?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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