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Looking Back
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I was thinking about deleting my old blog on another site altogether. So I went there to revisit some years-ago entries to decide if I should archive them, delete them, or what.

I was surprised at the early number of entries devoted to current general issues of politics and society. Lately I've been more personal and specific.

Not surprising, given the quality of honesty and openness and integrity in our highest levels of leadership. When I write about Rove's duplicity or Gonzales' legal fabrications, or the Bush administration's Lysenkoist procedures, I am both angry and frustrated.

That doesn't mean I have ceased to ponder our nation's recent history and situation in the world. It does mean, however, that until we can elect some leaders with more openness to the people they are supposed to represent and until those who guide our government have a stronger respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I am quite unlikely to write many posts of a political nature.

Something about "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".

Addendum: John commented that it may be cyclical. I agree. Who knows what will be next? Jokes?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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