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I finally got some reading time in last night. When deprived of my book time for several days, I feel a real craving for it. I was going to rant about how the people I work with don't participate in the world of ideas and concepts--and too my great pleasure, I realized that wasn't true at all. Two, maybe more, exchange ideas and comments about the world we live in and what we do as human beings with me on a regular basis. But at home, all we talk about is bills, health issues and our animals.

But I read every chance I get. As I've said before, I'm reading The Creation of Patriarchy. It's fascinating and so densly packed with ideas, historical analyses, theories and insights, I can take in a few pages at the most and then need some time to cogitate. It was written 20 years ago but it is one of those seminal works that may not find its full impact for another 50 years.


Max has settled in nicely. After several years as an outdoor cat, he now refuses to set a paw anywhere near a doorway. He is happily ensconced on the couch in the den, sleeps behind it to make sure no snuffly, slobbery dog intrudes, and uses a kitty box for the necessary purposes. It's as though he waited all those years in the tall weeds in the yard at the other house for the perfect home.


Speaking of perfect, the last two days have been overcast in the morning and the daytime temperatures have dropped 20 degrees Fahrenheit into the comfortable zone. An unforeseen blessing. We've opened all the doors (lockable steel screen doors make it possible) and the windows to let out the stale airconditioned fug and renew the indoor ambiance with the smell of new mown grass (from the neighbor's yard) and flowers (from the other neighbor's yard). I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


Significant Other is back to his crabby demanding self, so I know he's on the mend. Dressings come off today (yuck) and I get to harass him until he starts walking around and sitting up on a regular basis. Without a lot of encouragement, he'd become bedridden with a flock of servants (i.e., me, myself and I) to wait on him hand and foot. Not gonna happen.


Time to eat breakfast and get a start on the day. Hope yours is a good one!

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