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I Love Prepositions
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I Love Prepositions

As you know, I love words. The bigger, the better is usually my motto. However, today I sing the song of the wonders of the lowly preposition.

Consider this: “Hang” means to suspend from a thread or rope.

“Hang in” means to persevere, to continue with an effort. “Hang on” may mean to hold tight to an object or it may mean to wait just a second or even to drape an object over something else. To “hang around” is to loiter or linger. After drinking, one may have a “hangover.”

Just consider the possibilities with “come” (ok, guys, get over it):

You “come to” after being knocked unconscious. You “come around” after being given anesthetic.

A hitch and hook on a vehicle to pull another vehicle is called a “comealong.” When you want to know the cause of an event, you might ask how did it “come about,” or what did you “come across.”

Where do you “come from” means what is your origin, and to “come into” money is to inherit it or make a financial windfall.

If you didn’t understand it the first time, you might say, “Come again?” A creditor will “come after” someone for a bad debt. You “come forward” to acknowledge the responsibility. Problems “come at” you from all sides and the tax collector will “come for” you.

That will be your comeuppance.

I love prepositions; don’t you?

Read/Post Comments (6)

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