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Why Blog?
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Why Blog? Isn't it just time-consuming and somewhat narcissistic?

Well, it's not very hard on my time, because usually I've been thinking about an idea and by the time I've opened the JournalScape page, am finally ready to put it out there.

And many times I want to write about the idea, situation or whatever, because this journal is often the only outlet I have to share my ideas and get intelligent responses.

At work, I get regurgitated pablum. 'Ugh. Bad. Very Bad. We get Bush out, we be better.' Okaaay. Not very insightful, though.

At home, ideas I raise are met by lawyerly cross-examination. What are your proofs? Who said it? What other evidence do you have? And the other side is always taken, as Devil's Advocate, I guess.

I end up having to defend my "side" when all I really wanted to do was explore an idea or an event and discuss the ramifications. Or whatever. Attack and defense, like cross-examination, turn me off.

Only here, in my journal, and at Emerson do I find the caring, well-educated, intelligent, involvement in current events of the day. If it weren't for you, I'd be mute.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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