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Yes, he is indentifiably insane, and it would be a great risk, I think, to try to impeach him. No telling what he would do—his destructive reactions when someone criticizes him lead me to believe that his reaction to impeachment would be perilous, indeed, given his powers as president. I’m actually afraid for our country; he’s the man with his finger on the metaphorical button. I can see him, under threat of impeachment, declaring war on somebody (yes, I know, only Congress can declare war but that was abrogated long ago), and plunging our country into a terrible “hot” war.

I think that’s why everybody, even worst critics, is keeping his/her head down. When you’re dealing with someone not sane in a position of plenary power, you need to be careful. He could declare martial law and before it was sorted out, lots of damage, people in prison, lost lives. And a population either complicit or complacent.

Sound like anything that has happened before?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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