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Regulating Marriage
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Forget Iraq. Forget the corporations' tactics for controlling American politics. Forget the question of immigration policy. Forget the need for health care reform. Forget AIDS research funding. Forget rebuilding the devastation left by Katrina. Forget the lies, the stealing of elections, the childish destructiveness.

The single most important thing right now is to keep Republicans in power, oops, I meant to say, is marriage. According to the President and the Congress, our top priority is that we need a Constitutional Amendment, a revision of the most important document in the land, to ban gay marriage. Forget the Bill of Rights, too, while you're at it. Here is a president who wants to enshrine discrimination via a Constitutional Amendment. Talk about revisionist!

In the spirit of things, I propose an Amendment to ban all marriage. People can make living arrangements contractual, for a specified number of years, renewable on the expiration date by the agreement of all parties. Oh, and yes, it is not limited to just two people.

If you want reform, let's go for it.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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