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Fractured or Fractious
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Today was a funny kind of day. It had everything: computer crashes, two birthday parties (loud and rambunctious), a root beer float special, frustrated customers (couldn't get information for them from computer), coworkers telling me their woes, supervisors looking to reconcile stuff, and the computer still won't boot.

Don't tell *me* about mercury retrograde.

It was a fractured day. About all I could do was call the IT people for help (their idea of help was to reformat the hard drive), take notes from customers and tell them I'd review it and call them back (oh, Monday is going to be so much fun), join the parties (command performance) and in between all this craziness, keep testing the computer to determine what is wrong, call back as many as possible to reassure them I'm working on their problem, and try to keep my irritation under control.

I think I have it narrowed down and I was going to leave it running with the repair process working, but this and that and the next thing distracted me at the end of the day and I forgot, which was typical of the kind of day it was. Fractious.

I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but I hope Monday we can get back to work. I'm very task oriented and when there is a job to be done and I'm responsible for it, I want to tackle it and get it done. Partying comes second. Unfortunately, I'm in a minority and I risk alienating all the people on the team if I don't join in the festivities.

Gosh, what's a stick-in-the-mud to do?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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