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Cats and Doors
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Cats HATE to be excluded, as my friend Batty has pointed out in an email.

There’s no one in the room and the door’s shut to manage the heat in the house, and the cat is sitting outside the room complaining that the door is closed. I open it to show her that there’s nothing there. She pokes in a nose and looks around, then, satisfied, she walks away. If I close the door again, back she comes to complain. Go figure….

Then there's the front door. The cat door is set way up in the second story window where the cats have access via the olive tree and the roof. The gray and white one will sit inside the cat door (in other words, in the room) until she hears me open the front door. Then she zips outside, across the roof, down the olive tree, to meow plaintively to be let in the front door. If I don't respond, the meows become truly loud (the neighbors have complained).

Cats and doors....

Read/Post Comments (3)

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