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Dreams come in two types, it seems to me.

There are the regular dreams, the ones you've had over and over. They may tell a story, they may have a familiar setting or they may involved the same characters. These regular dreams are like familiar friends (or well-known enemies) and they follow a predictable path.

Then, on the other hand, there are the unusual dreams. You find yourself in completely unfamiliar settings, with unusual characters or events, doing strange or unpredictable things.

I think it's important to pay special attention to the latter type of dream, since it is out of the ordinary and may signal a special message or understanding.

Last night I dreamt of elephants. A whole herd had been felled by ruthless hunters, who poisoned the food or water. Only 3 had survived, two adolescents and a baby, because they were hidden somehow from the predators. I became their protector and spokesperson and we developed a special, unspoken bond.

Now what was *that* all about? I never dream of elephants and I have no idea what they symbolize. They certainly were fabulous dream friends, that's for sure.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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