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The Last Day of September
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This last day of September and it was, as Sue is wont to say, incredibly unremarkable.

Cleaned the kitchen. Heaven knows it sorely needed it, though I managed to convince myself that the refrigerator wasn't all that bad and could wait another week. It had a few sprouted potatoes (easily dealt with) and some errant cans of soda which were soundly scolded and sent back to their shelf.

Then on to the laundry. I got so bored doing the same tasks over and over that I found myself folding Max the black tailless cat into the middle of a large body towel. The towel was awfully lumpy and it purred. Either a very small happy alien was ensconced in the middle of my laundry basket or Max the Manx had once again insinuated his furry body into the depths of warm folded laundry.

After shooing away the aliens I moseyed on over to my local CompUSA where once again I was treated to the sight of 9 or ten employees all gaggled over some marvelous electronic device but nary a one to be of service. I wonder what they pay them for. Anyway, I bought a laptop cooler with two fans and 4 USB ports because the laptop's favorite trick is to overheat and play dead.

Plugging it in was far too easy--I'm still suspicious that I may have done something wrong (I used to feel that way about algebra, too, that it was too easy, too logical, what's the big deal?) but the laptop seems to be quite happy now, warming up this room quite nicely. It will be good to have it operational in winter when the house is chilly, but right now the room is 90 degrees and the additional toastiness in not terribly appreciated.

Time to turn my hand to exfoliating the dog. No, I know that's not the right term, but if you could see the hair coming off her sides and flanks in handfuls, tufts, you'd know why I feel like I'm plucking leaves off an endlessly productive plant. Doesn't that dog ever use her energy for anything but growing fur, barking at the postal person and outfoxing the cats? I just looked under the bed and I'll bet there's another whole dog under there. Woof!

It's the last day of September. The stores have had Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas goodies on display for two weeks now. Where are the Easter eggs?

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