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The Difference Between Feline and Canine
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That's the difference between cats and dogs: my cats will find a perch, an ooky-nooky spot where they can nap (when sleepy) and be sidewalk superintendents when their interest is captured. The dog, on the other hand, nose sniffing, tail wagging, underfoot and into everything, follows me from room to room, upstairs and downstairs. Except for when she gets tired, then she'll sit on the steps midway and wait for me to light somewhere permanently before staking out her settling spot.

Occasionally, a cat will decide that she has been abandoned long enough and will amble into the room where I've settled to work or nap. She will first come over to me for ear rubs and chin skritches, then curl up in the nest that she has designated as her own in that particular room. The dog has no such difficulty. Any spot where you'll be sure to trip over her is attractive as a place to curl up while watching every move of mine and hoping--always hoping--for a treat, a handout, a bit of food to fall to the floor.

I love them all. How could I ever feel lonely?

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