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Remarks for an Unremarkable Day
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The first quiet, evenly paced day in many, many months. I guess that is something worthy of a remark. Work came across my desk or to me via e-mail or by telephone in a manageable rhythm and each item was dealt with and filed away. I'm still in shock, saying to myself, "So *that's* the way this job is supposed to go."

Homeward after work, with one little field assignment that turned out to be a complete bust. The activity I was supposed to monitor was either cancelled or assigned to another employee. Well, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I'll check on his assignment before going out into the field.

The evening was uneventful as well, blessedly so. Until I started paying attention to it, being mindful, I was unaware of the depth and intensity of the negative feelings and approaches I had developed to anything occurring under this roof. That is remedied, as of today. Remember what Thumper said in "Bambi"--If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

But it has to go further than that. I will work on positive affirmations and the kind of self-talk that builds, not destroys. I will enjoy what I can and dump the rest.

Tomatoes are still growing fruit. Nearly December. Amazing.

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