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Since I used to drive a manual transmission in my capacity as a professional driver, my first reaction to “five” was 5th gear, the one for cruising at top speed (ahem…the legal top speed…).

We have 5 senses, 5 basic tastes. Do you know what they are?

Five for Silver by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer continues their series.

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution deals with legal stuff: no double jeopardy; due process; one is not compelled to self incrimination; property taken for public use is justly compensated.

The Interstate 5 freeway runs from the state of Washington all the way to San Diego.

“Take 5” means to take a rest break.

In the old days, when a two-way radio operator asked for a signal check, “I hear you 5 by 5” meant the signal was strong and clear.

Check your computer keyboard—the 5 on the number keypad has a raised dot to make touch keying easier. My office phone has a raised dot on the 5 also.

A fifth is a measure of liquor, 25 ounces, enough to kill you if consumed rapidly.

--5 Pillars of Islam
--5 books of Moses are the Torah

The work week is normally 5 days.

Five musicians are a quintet. Who could forget the Jackson 5? Do you remember the Dionne quintuplets?

The Roman numeral V is said to represent the outstretched hand. And while we’re speaking of hands, most amphibians, reptiles and mammals have 5 fingers, 5 toes. A starfish has five appendages.

After Katrina, we know that hurricanes max out at Category Five. We think.

A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides; a pentacle and a pentagram have 5 points.

Number 5 is the 5th Fibonacci number (2 + 3).

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