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There’s a 7-11 on one corner of every major intersection, it seems. I’ve actually given driving directions by telling someone to count the number of 7-11's then turn at the next corner. That’s how many of them there are in our city. They are open all night; they have a staggering variety of items considering how small they are; and they are pretty safe to stop at, considering the risks of being out and about at night any place.

“Ocean’s 11” was a good escapist movie of a certain genre. “Ocean’s Twelve” was a disappointment, in my opinion.

ELEVEN is a rock band from Holland.

Eleven always looks like Elven to me. Too many fantasy novels, I would surmise.

I’ve always wondered about “eleven”; it has three syllables, which seems a heavy burden for the tongue and a lot to say for a number only 1 more than 10. It requires only 2 syllables in Italian and in Spanish; only one in French. I suppose if you listen carefully to many speakers of English, you’ll hear “’leven” instead of “eleven.” I wonder what 11 is in German.

P.S. Eleven in German is Elf. One syllable.

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