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Peanut Butter
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I cleaned out the refrigerator today. My usual method is to take everything out, wipe down all the shelves, the sides, the seals, etc., then put everything back. No science experiments need apply.

Today, though, I needed the extra refrigerator space, if any was to be had, so each item was evaluated for its future in this household. Out went the year old bread yeast. Likewise with an elderly dish of cranberry sauce. To perdition with the little packets of mayonnaise, ketchup, Arby's sauce and the like.

And, in the back, behind the freshly opened jar of peanut butter, was another well-aged jar of peanut butter, with a spoonful of the stuff in the bottom. (This drives me crazy. Instead of opening a new jar, why not use the last of the old??)

Dog was fascinated by the whole process. She sat right next to me in the kitchen, peering hopefully up at each item, waiting for refrigerator largesse. On an impulse, I scooped out that last dab of peanut butter, opened her mouth, and rubbed it on her teeth and stuck it to the roof of her mouth.

Friends, I am here to tell you, that a dog with a mouth full of sticky (albeit delicious) peanut butter is one of the universe's funniest entertainments. First, the eyes crossed as she tried to see what I was giving her.

Then she licked and smacked and chomped and licked some more. Finally, in her ecstasy (frenzy?), she rolled around on the kitchen floor, pawing at her face, chomping and licking and generally having a grand old time. Misty the cat sat there and looked superior, as cats will, well out of reach of foolish dog.

I fell off my chair laughing. Guess what Jasmine's getting for Christmas!

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