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Advice to Men to Make Marriages Happier
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Today I read the following, which is exercepted verbatim:

"Seek your wife's opinion. Wives often feel that they don't have an equal voice in the decision-making. As far as most husbands are concerned, the issue isn't who is making the decisions, but whether the correct decisions are being made. Still, you can make your married life happier if you seek your wife's approval on your ideas, even when you believe you're right. Who knows? Maybe she is right. Don't dismiss her opinion out of hand--even when it isn't feasible. Instead, say something positive about the idea, then later express disappointment if together you "discover" that it won't work."

This was written by a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior and a practicing psychiatrist.

Make you want to rush right out and undertake couples therapy with him, doesn't it?

His advice to women included such things as show a sense of humor (don't take things too seriously); don't overload him with problems; let him know you appreciate his efforts even if he doesn't help with the housework; and give him some space.

The part I liked best was the section in which he wrote that many husbands do so much work around the yard and with the car that they are putting in about as many hours of effort as their wives. But, he counsels husbands, if you try to argue this point you're sure to lose, so do some housework and have a happier marriage.

Gosh, we've come a long way, baby.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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